Saturday, November 2, 2013

Where I've Been and Thrift Updates

I wish that I could say I've been on vacation to an exotic island, however, that's not the case. Long story short -- nothing serious -- I have an old neck injury that will occasionally cause me grief. When that happens, I need rest and that includes very little time on any of my electronic devices (computer, phone, tablet). Right now, I've been on my computer for about 10 minutes and I'm already experiencing neck discomfort, so this will be a very short post. To the bloggers I follow, please forgive my absence. I hope to visit your blogs again very soon. Norma VanV

Quick thrift finds

Vintage suede handbag, suede pumps (never worn), houndstooth jeans, and a silver, blue and green necklace. I replaced the old worn strap on the handbag, but I need to track down a more substantial gold chain strap to replace the current thin gold metal chain strap I'm using.
Dark cherry red leather handbag, blue paisley scarf, and purple/lavender/gold striped scarf. (Yeah, I finally found scarves!) I bought the handbag just because of the great color!
Oversized wool jacket with silver metal trim, slightly askew on dress form. Is it dark purple or dark blue? In reality, it's really hard to say.
  Your standard leopard cowl neck sweater, poorly displayed on dress form, sorry.

The correct color of this 3/4 sleeve cardigan with black pick-stitching is dark cherry red. Sorry it is not aligned on the dress form!
 Again, this short sleeve wool turtleneck sweater is dark cherry red.

 This vintage dark brown coat does not photograph well -- it's really awesome!

Sorry, that's lint on the coat. I've already had it drycleaned, but it seems to attract lint. In this photo, I've attempted to show the back pleating. I did not need another winter coat, but I could not leave Goodwill without this incredible coat. I wish my pictures did this justice.

The details:
Vintage suede handbag: Unmarked, I think 60's, $9.00
Suede pumps: Nine West $12.99
Houndstooth jeans: Pure Color $9.99
Necklace: Unmarked, $4.97
Cherry red leather handbag: Aigner $19.99
Blue paisley scarf: Unmarked $5.00
Purple/gold striped scarf: Unmarked $5.00
Oversized wool jacket: Doncaster $14.99
Leopard cowl sweater: Jones New York $9.99
Red cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft $6.49
Red t-neck sweater: Talbots $6.50
Vintage wool coat: Lilli Ann (early 60's label) $8.00

Thanks for stopping by! Forgive my absence.

Norma VanV

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The First Cool and Rainy Day of Autumn

Tuesday, my thrift shopping day, was cool (temp only in the 50s), windy, and rainy. I believe Autumn has officially arrived. A light weight jacket and boots were in order.  I wore my favorite jacket and quasi-motorcycle boots instead of puddle boots. My puddle boots are of a style and pattern more appropriate for Spring.

This jacket has lots of detail, including leather trim and epaulets, which you can't see. Here's the jacket completely zipped and snapped to keep the wind and cool air out (and a better view of the leather epaulet).

Underneath the jacket, a t-shirt and a sweater for warmth.
I've had this sweater for a few years -- I really like the bow-like detail.

The details:
Jacket: Elie Tahari
T-shirt: Talbots
Sweater: Nic + Zoe
Trousers: Nic + Zoe
Boots: Born
Pendant: Lucky Brand
Bracelets: 1 Lucky Brand, 2 Thrifted (see here)

Thank you for visiting! Comments/thoughts/critiques are always welcome.

Norma VanV

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Styling The Thrifted Asian Print Trousers

Thought I would share how I styled the thrifted Chicos' Asian print ??trousers?? (see here). When I purchased these, I didn't quite know what they were or how I was going to wear/style them. They are too long and wide for capris, too short for trousers, and too long for gauchos. The print was just too interesting to pass by. I really left my comfort zone with these ??trousers??.

But, I think it worked -- it's fun and different! The weather is turning cold now, so I don't think I'll wear it again until the spring. I'll definitely look forward to wearing it again.

The details
Trousers: Chico's (see here)
Lace Top: Coldwater Creek (see here)
Knit Jacket: INC Petites (see here)
Faux Pearl Necklaces: Recently found at local antique mall 2@$2.00 each
From My Closet:
Belt: Betsey Johnson
Suede Ghillie Heels: Talbots

Looking forward to your comments/thoughts/critiques. Thanks for visiting!

Norma VanV

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Thrift Haul -- It Was a Black and White Day

When thrift shopping, I have a list of items I'm looking for. Right now the list includes: anything leather or suede (preferably trousers and skirts), bright color blouses, a black skinny belt, a brown plaid or print shirt. However, the selection for shorter women like me is limited and alterations just don't make sense for a number of reasons. So, I keep an open mind and buy what fits and will work with my current wardrobe.

Even though I'm shopping at four different and unique thrift stores, last week most of the items that worked for me seemed to be black, white/ivory, or a combination. I did manage to find a few pieces of jewelry.

An ivory on ivory print blouse and a black/ivory plaid wool skirt.

An ivory lace 3/4 sleeve shirt. I've already worn this shirt and will post pictures, probably tomorrow.

A black/white large paisley print t-shirt with rhinestone buttons.

A black sweater coat.

A black short knit jacket with ruffles. I've already worn this jacket and will post pictures, probably tomorrow.

A black suede jacket. This is the most I've paid for an item at the regular Goodwill store.

A blue suede jacket. Finally, no black or white/ivory. Since this jacket was so cheap, I don't feel so bad about the amount I paid for the above black suede jacket. I'm not familiar with the brand of this blue jacket, but the quality of the suede is superior to the quality of the black suede jacket.

Red/black plaid shirt.

A vintage black patent leather handbag, two necklaces, and two bracelets.

The details:
Ivory on ivory print blouse: Coldwater Creek $2.99
Ivory lace 3/4 sleeve shirt: Coldwater Creek $1.99
Black/white paisley t-shirt: Sportelle $1.49
Sweater coat: DKNY $3.49
Short knit jacket: INC Petites $9.99
Black suede jacket: Style & Co. $24.97
Blue suede jacket:  Doncaster Sport $3.99
Plaid shirt: Talbots $3.49
Vintage handbag: Unknown maker $9.99
Turquoise stretch bracelet: Unknown maker $12.49
Turquoise diamond shape bracelet: Unknown maker $9.99
Green necklace: Unknown maker $3.99
Orange/green/clear necklace: Unknown maker $3.99

Thanks for visiting! Happy (thrift) hunting.

Norma VanV

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Sgt. Pepper Jacket

I recently thrifted what my husband called "The Sgt. Pepper Jacket". (See here.) This oversized jacket is vintage and I'm uncertain of the era; because of the ginormous shoulder pads, I'm guessing '80s. I tried three styling scenarios, but eventually chose this look.

The details:
Jacket: Thrifted Vintage Julian Taylor (see here)
Skirt: Thrifted Papillon Blanc (see here)
Shoes: Naya from my closet

These are the other two choices. First, with skinny jeans (I like this look, also).

I think the tights and the Naya peep toe shoes would work with the skinny jeans if it was an occasion where I didn't need to wear flats.

The details:
Skinny Jeans: White House/Black Market from my closet
Booties: Nine West Vintage American Collection from my closet

Then, just the ruffly Papillon Blanc skirt and the Nine West booties.

Not liking this -- the black tights with the booties may have looked better. For now, I'm pleased with the first and second options.

I think I'll visit the fabric store -- they have shoulder pads and I think smaller more rounder pads would look better than the existing pads. The jacket won't hang right if I simply remove the existing pads, so I'll need to replace rather than remove.

Comments are always welcome! Thanks for viewing!

Norma VanV

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Is It Time to Say Goodbye to These Past Favorite Autumn Outfits?

I think it may be time to say goodbye to this Nic + Zoe outfit. I can't decide. Since my "pear-shapedness" (is that a word?? nope, but appropriate) has become more prominent, this is no longer a great look for me. Maybe the top would look better with a fuller skirt instead of the narrower trouser? I love this jacket, so before I donate it, I'll try it with a skirt or different trousers.
The details:
Tank, trousers, jacket: Nic + Zoe
Shoes: BCB Generation

Also, I frequently wore this sweater during the autumn in the past 2 or 3 years. I thrifted this shirt (see here) specifically for this sweater, but I don't think this sweater is a favorite anymore. I also thrifted the necklace this week with this sweater in mind. The print may just be too big for me and the length just a little too long.  Like the above Nic + Zoe jacket, they both end at the widest part of my body.
The details:
Jeans: Jones New York
Shirt: Thrifted Talbots
Sweater: Jones New York
Boots: Nine West Vintage America Collection
Belt: Old, unknown
Necklace: Thrifted this week, closeup photo coming soon

Your comments and thoughts are always welcome! Thanks for visiting!

Norma VanV

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3's Not Always a Crowd and Last Tuesday's Thrift Haul

First off, my attempt to go quasi-cowgirl with some previously thrifted items.

I'm looking for a thin western belt but haven't found one yet. I tried a wider belt, but that look didn't work for me; it really accentuated my pear-shape. I think one more necklace would look better -- 3 isn't always a crowd. Adding a coral bracelet, or just moving the turquoise bracelet to the watch arm, may also look better. Thoughts, comments, critiques are welcome!

The details:
Jeans: Thrifted Ann Taylor Loft see here
Shirt: Thrifted Talbots see here
Belt: Talbots purchased years ago
Watch: Fossil purchased a few years ago
Bracelet, Necklaces: Lucky Brand (relatively new)
Boots: Sofft (one or two years old)

Now, last week's thrift haul.
A lighter weight off-white sweater and a brown wool houndstooth skirt.

A dark navy wool skirt with large button pocket closures.
A ruffly black skirt and an off-white sweater with a velvet neckline ruffle. The sweater is Peck & Peck, not the original Peck & Peck but the SteinMart version; it was never worn and has its original tags.

A vintage turquoise wool skirt. This item really exemplifies what has happened with vanity sizing.  It fits like today's large size 4 or small size 6 but is sized 11-12.

An Oscar de la Renta black & white graphic silk blouse, slightly askew on the dress form. :-)

Off-white trousers, which look great with the Oscar silk blouse, but are in serious need of cleaning and pressing. These aren't a perfect fit, but better than many thrift and/or new that I have tried.

A Kate Spade handbag and  black suede Nine West flats, slightly reminiscent of pilgrim shoes, but I like them anyway. The handbag has some wear and I'm not certain whether I will actually use it; I may just display it with my other Kate Spade items.

I hope this Anthropologie skirt can be saved; it has a few minor (I think) tears to the open cutwork. At the price I paid, it was worth the chance; I'll take it to the alterations shop and see what the owner thinks can be done to save this gorgeous skirt.

And last:

I'm not certain exactly what these are -- they're too long and wide legged for capris, too short for trousers, not short enough for gauchos -- but I couldn't resist. When I stepped out of the dressing room at the Goodwill Boutique to see if there were strappy sandals to try with the ?trousers?, everyone in the shop exclaimed at how fabulous they looked. One woman told me if I didn't buy them, she would. I'm working on a way to style these and hope it works.

Thrifted details:
Lightweight sweater: Talbots $3.49
Brown herringbone skirt: Talbots $3.49
Navy skirt: Talbots $3.49
Ruffle sweater: Peck & Peck $14.99
Ruffle skirt: Papillon Blanc $9.99
Vintage turquoise skirt: Joyce Sportswear $1.99
Silk blouse: Oscar de la Renta $3.49
Off-white trousers: Talbots $1.99
Handbag: Kate Spade $3.00
Shoes: Nine West $3.00
Cutwork bird skirt: Anthropologie Lithe $1.99
?Trousers?: Chico's $12.99

If anyone knows anything about the Chico's ?trousers? (they are marked Travelers), let me know.

Thanks for stopping by! Comments are always welcome.

Norma VanV